When the SCPS entered my audio system, it was to simply supply better dc power to my turntable ‘Titan’. To my amazement, it did more than I could ever anticipate. It replaced a Titan with a new God, one that has so much more ‘power and energy’. It showed me ‘time done right’. It is in every way imaginable superior to the the standard powered Pro. It is the ‘voice of temptation’. It will stay with me.


 Kronoscrope RSDiscovery RS
Shipping weight:5kg10kg
Effective lenght:306 mm306 mm
Effective mass:mediummedium high
Overhang:13.2 mm13.2 mm
Pivot to spindle distance:292 mm292 mm
Maximum tracking error:0.1250.125
measured resonant frequency (9 grams, 15 units of compliance test cartridge):7.5 hertz6.5 hertz
Cartridge weight compatibility:5 to 24 grams
VTA adjustments:coarse and fine up to 1 inch
Azimuth adjustment:Fine/Dual Counter Weights
Bearing type:proprietary half ball and surface-treated elliptical dimpled uni-pivot receiving cup.
Arm tube characteristics:Patented resonance suppressor technology. Multi-layered latticed reinforced composite arm tube.
Head shell:Lazered precision ceramic composite with nickel cladding
Cartridge plate:5-point adjustable assembly, with variable resonance suppression tuning.
Arm lift:hydraulic dampened, height adjustable.

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