The KRONOS DISCOVERY record player is our new flagship. It was introduced to the press August 2022 and has received the highest praise and stellar reviews. It incorporates all the elements that made our KRONOS PRO a classic, but  t also has a new exo-skeleton chassis incorporation our soft clamping technology. Every component of DISCOVERY was redesigned to control vibrations, resonances and minimize noise. It is truly the new benchmark by which all other turntables will be judged for years to come.


When the SCPS entered my audio system, it was to simply supply better dc power to my turntable ‘Titan’. To my amazement, it did more than I could ever anticipate. It replaced a Titan with a new God, one that has so much more ‘power and energy’. It showed me ‘time done right’. It is in every way imaginable superior to the the standard powered Pro. It is the ‘voice of temptation’. It will stay with me.

Like most suspended ’tables, each bearing set for the platters is positioned slightly left of the physical center of the plinth. The Sparta shares the same bearing system as the PRO.

Kronos Pro

The KRONOS PRO was the first suspended turntable utilizing counter rotation to minimize torque fore induced vibrations. Its technology is so unique that it is protected by an international patent. All Kronos turntables utilize this technology … in fact, we believe counter rotation to be a must in any high-end turntable design. The KRONOS PRO might be the most reviewed/awarded turntable in recent history.  Limited to a total of 250 units, it remains the foundation of numerous high-end systems and still commands pride of ownership and exclusivity.


The KRONOS SPARTA represents our effort to offer our patented turntable technology to a wider audience. It retains all the core elements that can be found in the KRONOS PRO at a lower price point while maintaining a high level of performance. In fact,  Spartas have replaced turntables costing multiples time more in many discerning audiophile homes. Along with the KRONOSCOPE RS tonearm and the optional S-SCPS power supply, the KRONOS SPARTA is a force to be reckoned with.

Sparta 0.5

The KRONOS SPARTA 0.5 is our  only single platter turntable…. but it is convertible in a full SPARTA configuration with the aide of the SPARTA CONVERSION KIT. As an entry level record player, its value is unequalled as it can evolve in a true high end KRONOS analogue retrieval system.


Kronos RS tonearms utilize innovative technologies to produce the highest resolution/lowest distortion analogue music retrieval. In fact ,  two patents are under review and soon to be granted for the technologies applied in the RS series tonearms. RS stands for resonance  suppression. We have devised a way to decouple the arm wand from the base of the tonearm using soft clamping. In addition. the headshell plate is itself decoupled from the headshell frame.  Alongside multiple inflection points, tonearm resonances are minimized , procuring the lowest possible noise floor and maximum music al rendition.