Kronos Discovery turntable


MSRP: 120,000 USD


Kronos developed a wholly new way to attach the chassis to the suspension system, using completely different soft clamping methods. This treats the chassis more like the soundbox of a guitar or a violin because in that case how it’s held dictates to some degree how it sounds.


Rotational speed:33.3 rpm & 45 rpm
Tonearm length:9 to 12 inches
Power supply:dual channel pure class A linear DC, CPU controlled
Motors:2× Maxon DCX DC motors
Motor mounts:Delrin enclosure, height adjustable
Speed guidance system:continuous dual-loop feedback, continuous correction
Sensors type:hall sensor (platters) /optical encoder tachymeter (motors)
Correction cycle:60 times/rotation. 0.015% max. 0.005% min
Control CPU:independent system for each platter
Platters type:resonance tuned compressed phenolic/aluminium/copper
Platter weight:8.2kg (x2)
Drive belts:2 silicone/Viton, one-piece moulded, 0.230/platter
Compensation pulley:Teflon and zircon bearing
Main bearings:dual hydraulic isolated inverted sleeve and ball
Shaft type:grounded heat hardened tool steel, surface treated
Ball type:precision ceramic 7mm
Suspension:full floating top suspended, level adjustable
Elastomers:317 elastomers, Viton/silicone proprietary mix
Dimensions (W×D×H, no SCPS):71 × 37 × 29cm
Weight:65kg, PSU 22.5kg, SCPS-D 22.5kg


  • Derek Jenkins reviews Kronos and Kronos Sparta.
    Derek Jenkins
    KJ West One
  • The best analogue source turned out to be a turntable with two platters – one spinning the normal way and the other spinning the opposite way...
    Lam Seng Fatt
  • I award the Kronos one of our nine Publishers Choice awards for 2012 – it remains as enjoyable to listen to as the day it arrived...
    Peter Breuninger
    AV Showrooms
  • As it stands, I have yet to hear a better turntable than the Kronos Pro Ltd.
    Dato' Danon Han
    Mono and Stereo
  • ... (the Kronos) is probably the best sounding current production model turntable I’ve heard.
    David McCallum
    My Hi-Fi Life
  • uma referência absoluta ...
    Jorge Gonçalves
    Audio Cinema em Casa
  • The Vinyl Frontier

    Kronos boldly goes where no Turntable has gone before...

    Alan Sircom
    The Absolute Sound's Hi-Fi+
  • This is the best turntable I’ve never heard
    Joey Weiss
    The High Fidelity Report
  • hearing the Kronos turntable will make your heart thirst till the day you finally own it....
    Sam Ho
    HiFi Review
  • We have never had better sound in our main listening room as we do today, and the Kronos is a major factor. The music has never come through with such an ease, appearing as if limitless, and with a sound that inspires.
    Joey Weiss
    HP Soundings
  • ...Kronos Audio fait état d’innovation repoussant les limites technologiques inhérentes aux platines analogiques
  • I award the Kronos one of our nine Publishers Choice awards for 2012 – it remains as enjoyable to listen to as the day it arrived...
    Tone Audio Review
  • Innovation Award
    Marc Philip
  • tens of thousands of dollars by hearing one for yourself. It is absolutely top class...
    Paul Bolin
    The Audio Beat
  • An engineering Anaylisis of the dual platter design ....
  • ...The sound was, you’ll pardon the expression, amazing...
    Art Dudley

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