MSRP: 21,500 USD

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net dimensions:



net weight:


crate dimensions:



shipping weight:


rotational speed:


tonearm lenght:


power supply:

ac voltage input:

dc voltage output:

dc transmission:

data transmission:


motor mounts:

20 in (W) x 14 in (D) x 11 in (H)

51 cm (W) x 36 cm (D) x 28 cm (H)


70 lbs / 32 kg


24 in (W) x 32 in (D) x 16 in (H)

61 cm (W) x 81 cm (D) x 41 cm (H)


95 lbs / 43 kg


33.3 rpm and 45 rpm


9 inches to 10.5 inches (229 mm to 267 mm)


dual channel pure class A linear DC

110V or 220V factory set

0 to 5 volt, cpu controlled, factory calibrated

pico 3 pin cable

pico 4 pin cable

2432 precious metal brushes dc motors (qty 2) delrin capped aluminum tubes


speed guidance system:


sensors type:

correction cycle:



platters type:


platter weight:



main bearings:

shaft type:

ball type:


service interval:




continuous open loop feedback,

user speed adjustable

optical diode I/O top motor tachymeter

60 times /rotation. 0.15% max., 0.05% min.

cpu generated 120 Hz with LED output


composite compressed phenolic/

aluminum, balanced

27 lbs (12kg) / platter

1 silicone/viton 2.3 string belt / platter


dual hydraulic isolated inverted sleeve and ball

grounded heat hardened tool steel

precision steel

8 ml. variable viscosity synthetic oil

5 years (clean and re-oil)


full floating top suspended

317 o-rings , viton/silicone proprietary mix